Wilayah Tamanrasset Localisation : Country Algeria.
Major cities : Tamanrasset, In Salah, In Ghar, Abalessa, In Guezzam, Foggaret Ezzaouia, Idlès, In Amguel, Tin Zaouatine and Tazrouk.
Available Information : Number of inhabitants, Area, Altitude, Weather and Climate.

Tamanrasset Data

ISO 3166-2DZ-11
Cities and villages10
Number of inhabitants176,636 inhabitants
Tamanrasset 92,635 inhabitants
Tazrouk 4,091 inhabitants
Area558,310 km² (215,564.70 sq mi)
In Amguel 93,438 km²
In Ghar 28,969.0 km²
Population Density0.3 /km² (0.8 /sq mi)
Tamanrasset 2 /km²
In Amguel 0.0 /km²
Average altitude730 m (2,394 ft)
Time zoneUTC +1:00

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Tamanrasset Climate

  1. Arid 100 %

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