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ISO 3166-2DZ-28
Cities and villages47
Number of inhabitants990,592 population
M'Sila 156,647 population
Oultene 2,289 population
Area2,300 km² (887.87 sq mi)
Aïn Errich 1,212 km²
Magra 66.2 km²
Population Density430.8 /km² (1,115.7 /sq mi)
Magra 593 /km²
Aïn Fares 7.0 /km²
Average altitude675 m (2,215 ft)
Time zoneUTC +1:00

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M'Sila Climate

  1. Semi-arid climate 53 %
  2. Mediterranean climate 32 %
  3. Arid 15 %

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