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Province Tshopo Localisation : Country Democratic Republic of the Congo, Province Tshopo.
Major cities : Kisangani, Bafwasende, Banalia, Basoko, Isangi, Opala, Ubundu and Yahuma.
Available Information : Population, Area, Altitude and Climate.

Tshopo Information

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CountryDemocratic Republic of the Congo
ISO 3166-2CD-TO

Tshopo Cities

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Tshopo Data

Cities and villages8
Population1,602,144 inhabitants
Kisangani 1,602,144 inhabitants
Kisangani 1,602,144 inhabitants
Area200,277 km² (77,327.38 sq mi)
Bafwasende 48,818 km²
Kisangani 1,910.0 km²
Population Density8.0 /km² (20.7 /sq mi)
Kisangani 839 /km²
Kisangani 838.8 /km²
Average altitude473 m (1,553 ft)
Time zoneUTC +1:00

Tshopo Map

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Tshopo Climate

  1. Tropical rainforest climate 75 %
  2. Monsoon 25 %

Tshopo Airport

Kisangani Bangoka  

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