Département Vaupes Localisation : Country Colombia, Department Vaupes.
Major cities : Mitú, Pacoa, Yavarate, Taraira, Papunahua and Caruru.
Available Information : Number of inhabitants, Area, Altitude, Weather and Climate.

Vaupes Data

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ISO 3166-2CO-VAU
Cities and villages6
Number of inhabitants25,243 population
Mitú 16,980 population
Caruru 641 population
Area107,002 km² (41,313.59 sq mi)
Papunahua 59,379 km²
Yavarate 3,459.0 km²
Population Density0.2 /km² (0.6 /sq mi)
Mitú 1 /km²
Papunahua 0.0 /km²
Average altitude153 m (501 ft)
Time zoneUTC -5:00

Vaupes Cities

List of all City of Vaupes.

Caruru, Mitú, Pacoa, Papunahua, Taraira, Yavarate

Vaupes Map

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Vaupes Climate

  1. Tropical rainforest climate 100 %

Vaupes Weather (Mitú)

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