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Etat Gombe Localisation : Country Nigeria, Etat Gombe.
Major cities : Akko, Balanga, Nafada, Kwami, Kaltungo, Dukku, Funakaye, Yamaltu/Deba, Billiri, Shongom and Gombe.
Available Information : Population, Area, Altitude and Climate.

Gombe Information

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ISO 3166-2NG-GO

Gombe Cities

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Gombe Data

Cities and villages11
Population550,402 inhabitants
Akko 337,853 inhabitants
Balanga 212,549 inhabitants
Area17,377 km² (6,709.30 sq mi)
Dukku 3,815 km²
Billiri 737.0 km²
Population Density31.7 /km² (82.0 /sq mi)
Balanga 131 /km²
Akko 128.6 /km²
Average altitude418 m (1,372 ft)
Time zoneUTC +1:00

Gombe Map

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Gombe Climate

  1. Tropical savanna climate 82 %
  2. Semi-arid climate 18 %

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