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Uganda FlagMajor cities : Kampala (Capital), Nansana, Kira, Mbarara and Mukono.
Available Information : Head of state, Religion, Population, Area, Gross domestic product, Inflation, Map, Weather and Climate.

Uganda Major cities

Uganda Information

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ISO 3166-1UG - UGA - 800
NATO country codeUG - UGA
FIPS 10-4 codeUG
ContinentAfrica / East Africa
Uganda CapitalKampala
Official languageEnglish
Name of the inhabitantsUgandan
Uganda National Day9 October
Uganda Currency Ugandan shilling (UGX)
Uganda 18 %
Uganda Calling code+256
Uganda Country domain code .ug
Uganda Vehicle registration plateEAU
Traveling direction Left
Time zone UTC +3:00
International organizationUnited Nations
Commonwealth of Nations
African Union
United Nations Economic Commission for Africa
Group of 77
Uganda National anthemOh Uganda, Land of Beauty

Uganda Head of state

President of the RepublicYoweri Museveni (1986)
Prime ministerRobinah Nabbanja (2021)

Uganda Religion

List of the main religions practiced in Uganda.

  1. Christianity 33 %
  2. Protestantism 33 %
  3. Other 18 %
  4. Islam 16 %

Uganda Data

Different data, numbers and statistics of Uganda (Inhabitants, population, economy).

Area236,040 km² (91,136 sq mi)
Population38,823,000 inhabitants (2018) Chart
Population Density 164.5 /km² (426.0 /sq mi)
Length of coastlineLandlocked country
Life expectancy62.3 Year (2015), ♀ : 64.3 Year, ♂ : 60.3 Year
Average years of schooling 5.7 Year (2015)
Human Development Index 0.516 (2018)
Gross domestic product28 Billions US$ (2018) Chart
Annual change: 6.2 %
724 US$ per capita
Inflation2.6 % (2018) Chart
Credit rating
  • Standard & Poor's: B (Stable, 17 January 2014)
  • Fitch: B (Stable, 21 November 2011)

Uganda Chart

Graphs and data of Uganda. Choose graph below to display it:

Population, Gross domestic product, Inflation

Uganda Covid-19

Incident rate105.32
Case fatality ratio0.81929 %
Last updated : 2 April 2021

Uganda Natural resource

List of major natural resources classified by importance.
  1. Copper
  2. Salt
  3. Gold
  4. Arable land
  5. Limestone
  6. Cobalt
  7. Hydroelectricity

Uganda Agriculture

Listing of major crops and products starting with the most important.
  1. Corn
  2. Potatoes
  3. Coffee
  4. Cotton
  5. Tobacco
  6. Tea
  7. Poultry
  8. Pulses
  9. Beef
  10. Milk
  11. Millet
  12. Cut flowers
  13. Cassava (tapioca)
  14. Goat meat

Uganda Border

Uganda's border with 5 other countries. The list of Border countries of Uganda below classified by border length (in kilometers).

  1. Kenya Kenya 933 km
  2. Democratic Republic of the Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo 765 km
  3. South Sudan South Sudan 435 km
  4. Tanzania Tanzania 396 km
  5. Rwanda Rwanda 169 km

Uganda Map

Below, simply locate Uganda through the plan and map with or without relief and satellite image of our partner.

Uganda Climate

  1. Tropical rainforest climate 39 %
  2. Tropical savanna climate 36 %
  3. Monsoon 18 %
  4. Oceanic climate 6.1 %

Uganda Weather (Kampala)

Today's weather and weather forecasts of Uganda for the next days to come (The measurements and forecasts are those of Kampala).

Uganda Electricity

Electrical standard in Uganda (voltage, power outlet ...)

Voltage240 V
Frequency50 Hz
Power plugPower plug : G
Power socketPower socket : G

Uganda Airport

Below, find a list of the main Airport of Uganda classified by annual passenger transit.

Entebbe International Airport

Uganda Olympic Games

List of participations in the Summer and Winter Olympics of Uganda and the number of medals won.

SummerParticipation : 15Gold medalSilver medalBronze medalTotal
Medal 2327
TotalParticipation : 15Gold medalSilver medalBronze medalTotal
Medal 2327
Olympic Games »

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