Major cities : Tokyo (Capital), Yokohama and Osaka.
Available Information : Head of state, Religion, Number of inhabitants, Area, Gross domestic product, Inflation, Unemployment, Map, Hotel, Weather and Climate.

Japan Major cities

Japan Information

ISO 3166-1JP - JPN - 392
NATO country codeJA - JPN
FIPS 10-4 codeJA
Continent /
Japan CapitalTokyo
Name of the inhabitantsJapanese
Japan National anthemKimi ga yo
Japan National Day23 December
Japan Currency Japanese yen (JPY)
Japan 5 %
Japan Calling code+81
Japan Country domain code .jp
Japan Vehicle registration plateJ
Traveling direction Left
Time zone UTC +9:00
International organizationUnited Nations
Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

Japan Head of state

EmperorAkihito (1989)
Prime ministerShinzō Abe (2012)

Japan Religion

  1. Buddhism 84 %
  2. Christianity 4 %
  3. Other 12 %

Japan Data

Area377,835 km² (145,883 sq mi)
Number of inhabitants127,733,000 inhabitants (2008) Chart
Population Density 338.1 /km² (875.6 /sq mi)
Length of coastline29,751 km
Life expectancy83.2 Year (2010)
Average years of schooling 11.5 Year (2010)
Human Development Index 0.884 (2010)
Gross domestic product4,453 Billions US$ (2008) Chart
Annual change: 1.9 %
34,865 US$ per capita
Gross domestic product (PPP)4,519 Billions US$ (2008) Chart
35,377 US$ per capita
Unemployment4.0 % of labor force (2008) Chart
Inflation0.8 % (2008) Chart
Credit rating
  • Standard & Poor's: AA- (Negative, 29 November 2011)
  • Fitch: A+ (Negative, 22 May 2012)
  • Moody's: A1 (Stable, 1 December 2014)
  • Dagong: AA- (Stable, 2 June 2011)

Japan Natural resource

List of major natural resources classified by importance.
  1. Natural gas
  2. Coal
  3. Oil

Japan Agriculture

Listing of major crops and products starting with the most important.
  1. Vegetables
  2. Sugar beets
  3. Dairy products
  4. Fish
  5. Poultry
  6. Fruit
  7. Rice
  8. Pork
  9. Eggs

Japan Map

Japan Climate

  1. Humid subtropical climate 100 %

Japan Weather (Tokyo)

Japan Electricity

Voltage100 V
Frequency50 Hz, 60 Hz
Power plugPower plug : A Power plug : B
Power socketPower socket : A Power socket : B

Airport Japan

Haneda AirportNarita International Airport
Fukuoka AirportOsaka International Airport
Kansai International AirportChūbu Centrair International Airport

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Japan Hotel

Hotel KangetsuenKangetsuen

Kangetsuen is a 15-minute walk from Tokachigaoka Tenbodai Observatory and a 20-minute drive from Obihiro Station. It offers Japanese-style accommodation with a public bath, free parking and free wired internet access... view more
Hotel Matsue New Urban HotelMatsue New Urban Hotel

Matsue New Urban Hotel is a 7-minute drive from JR Matsue Station and a 12-minute walk from the Matsue Castle. It features a public hot-spring bath, a restaurant and rooms with free Wi-Fi... view more
¥JP 9450
Hotel Reino Inn Hiroshima Peace ParkReino Inn Hiroshima Peace Park

Just a 5-minute walk from Atomic Bomb Dome, Reino Inn Hiroshima offers rooms with free Wi-Fi. A free-use kitchen and coin-operated washing machines are provided. Guests at Reino Inn Hiroshima Peace Park can stay in a dormitory room or a private..... view more
¥JP 1580
Hotel Petit Resort Hotel AlcyonPetit Resort Hotel Alcyon

Petit Resort Hotel Alcyon offers simple Western accommodations with a flat-screen TV and DVD player. Guests can enjoy watching movies on the mini-theatre screen at the lounge or relax in the indoor hot-spring baths... view more
Hotel Apical Inn KyotoApical Inn Kyoto

Located a 3-minute walk from Shugakuin Train Station in Kyoto’s north area, Apical Inn Kyoto offers guest rooms with an en suite bathroom and free wired internet. Free regular pick-up shuttles are available daily from the station... view more
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Japan Nuclear power station

Fukushima I Nuclear Power PlantFukushima II Nuclear Power PlantGenkai Nuclear Power Plant
Hamaoka Nuclear Power PlantHigashidōri Nuclear Power PlantIkata Nuclear Power Plant
Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power PlantMihama Nuclear Power PlantŌi Nuclear Power Plant

Japan Olympic Games

SummerParticipation : 22Gold medalSilver medalBronze medalTotal
Medal 142135162439
WinterParticipation : 21Gold medalSilver medalBronze medalTotal
Medal 14222258
TotalParticipation : 43Gold medalSilver medalBronze medalTotal
Medal 156157184497
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