Major cities : Oslo (Capital), Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger and Bærum.
Available Information : Head of state, Religion, Number of inhabitants, Area, Gross domestic product, Inflation, Unemployment, Map, Hotel, Weather and Climate.

Norway Information

ISO 3166-1NO - NOR - 578
NATO country codeNO - NOR
FIPS 10-4 codeNO
Continent /
Norway CapitalOslo
Name of the inhabitantsNorwegian
Norway National anthemJa, vi elsker dette landet
Norway National Day17 May
Norway Currency Norwegian krone (NOK)
Norway 25 % (15 %)
Norway Calling code+47
Norway Country domain code .no
Norway Vehicle registration plateN
Traveling direction Right
Time zone UTC +1:00
International organizationUnited Nations
European Free Trade Association
Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

Norway Head of state

KingHarald V (1991)
Prime ministerJens Stoltenberg (2005)

Norway Religion

  1. Protestantism 86 %
  2. Other 11 %
  3. Christianity 3 %

Norway Data

Area324,220 km² (125,182 sq mi)
Number of inhabitants4,693,000 inhabitants (2008) Chart
Population Density 14.5 /km² (37.5 /sq mi)
Length of coastline25,148 km
Perimeter27,699 km
Life expectancy81.0 Year (2010)
Average years of schooling 12.6 Year (2010)
Human Development Index 0.938 (2010)
Gross domestic product366 Billions US$ (2008) Chart
Annual change: 2.8 %
77,941 US$ per capita
Gross domestic product (PPP)222 Billions US$ (2008) Chart
47,270 US$ per capita
Unemployment3.0 % of labor force (2008) Chart
Inflation2.2 % (2008) Chart
Credit rating
  • Standard & Poor's: AAA (Stable, 29 november 2011)
  • Fitch: AAA (Stable, 21 november 2011)
  • Moody's: Aaa (Stable, 5 august 2011)
  • Dagong: AAA (Stable, 11 july 2010)

Norway Natural resource

List of major natural resources classified by importance.
  1. Natural gas
  2. Petroleum
  3. Copper
  4. Lead
  5. Zinc
  6. Nickel
  7. Timber
  8. Fish
  9. Iron
  10. Hydroelectricity
  11. Titanium
  12. Pyrite

Norway Agriculture

Listing of major crops and products starting with the most important.
  1. Wheat
  2. Potatoes
  3. Barley
  4. Fish
  5. Beef
  6. Milk
  7. Veal
  8. Pork

Norway Border

  1. Sweden Sweden 1,619 km
  2. Finland Finland 736 km
  3. Russian Federation Russian Federation 196 km

Norway Map

Norway Climate

  1. Subarctic climate 50 %
  2. Oceanic climate 34 %
  3. Humid continental climate 13 %
  4. Polar climate 2.6 %

Norway Weather (Oslo)

Norway Electricity

Voltage230 V
Frequency50 Hz
Power plugPower plug : C Power plug : F
Power socketPower socket : F

Airport Norway

Moss AirportOslo AirportBergen Airport

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Norway Hotel

Hotel Apartment KongensgateApartment Kongensgate
These soundproofed top-floor apartments are just off the Bystranden Beach Promenade, a 5-minute walk from Kristiansand’s main square, Kvadraturen. Each apartment features a rooftop balcony with views of Kristiansand Church... view more
krN 980
Hotel Holiday home Tjørhom GravatnHoliday home Tjørhom Gravatn
Holiday home Tjørhom Gravatn is located in Valevatn and can accommodate up to 11 people. The property is situated 30 from the lake. The accommodation will provide you with 2 satellite-TV's, a CD-player and a DVD-player... view more
Hotel Moi HotelMoi Hotel

The cosy Moi Hotell offers stunning views over nearby Lake Lundevannet and the surrounding mountains in the idyllic village of Moi, located between Stavanger and Kristiansand... view more
krN 990
Hotel Gaustad HotelGaustad Hotel

This hotel is directly next to Rikshospitalet Tram Stop, a 15-minute ride to Oslo’s city centre. Located in a quiet area, surrounded by greenery, it offers rooms with a refrigerator... view more
krN 670
Hotel Holiday home Konsmo Hellevann IIHoliday home Konsmo Hellevann II
Holiday home Konsmo Hellevann II is located in Konsmo. The three-bedroom accommodation will provide you with a seating area. There is a fully equipped kitchen with a stove and gas-refrigerator. You can enjoy a sea view from the property... view more
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Norway Olympic Games

SummerParticipation : 23Gold medalSilver medalBronze medalTotal
Medal 544842144
WinterParticipation : 21Gold medalSilver medalBronze medalTotal
Medal 10710690303
TotalParticipation : 44Gold medalSilver medalBronze medalTotal
Medal 161154132447
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