Major cities : Funafuti (Capital).
Available Information : Head of state, Religion, Number of inhabitants, Area, Map and Weather.

Tuvalu Information

ISO 3166-1TV - TUV - 798
NATO country codeTV - TUV
FIPS 10-4 codeTV
Continent /
Tuvalu CapitalFunafuti
Name of the inhabitantsTuvaluan
Tuvalu National anthemTuvalu mo te Atua
Tuvalu National Day1 October
Tuvalu Currency Australian dollar (AUD)
Tuvalu 5 %
Tuvalu Calling code+688
Tuvalu Country domain code .tv
Tuvalu Vehicle registration plateTUV
Traveling direction Left
Time zone UTC +12:00
International organizationUnited Nations
Commonwealth of Nations

Tuvalu Head of state

QueenÉlisabeth II (1978)
Governor-GeneralIakoba Taeia Italeli (2010)
Prime ministerEnele Sopoaga (2013)

Tuvalu Religion

  1. Christianity 97 %
  2. Other 3 %

Tuvalu Data

Area26 km² (10 sq mi)
Number of inhabitants12,177 inhabitants (2008)
Population Density 468.3 /km² (1,213.0 /sq mi)
Length of coastline24 km

Tuvalu Natural resource

List of major natural resources classified by importance.
  1. Fish

Tuvalu Agriculture

Listing of major crops and products starting with the most important.
  1. Coconuts
  2. Fish

Tuvalu Map

Tuvalu Weather (Funafuti)

Airport Tuvalu

Tuvalu Olympic Games

SummerParticipation : 3Gold medalSilver medalBronze medalTotal
Medal 0000
TotalParticipation : 3Gold medalSilver medalBronze medalTotal
Medal 0000
Olympic Games »

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